Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday in the Flat Classroom: Last Day for Video

According to our calendar, today is our last day to dropload our video to the other class. I will ask Mrs. Lindsey to provide me with a list of all video that came through (see yesterday's blog post.)

The wikis are due on December 11th. All multimedia (your videos) should be posted by the 12th.

The Video

The video must be at least 2 minutes long and can be no longer than four minutes. (Remember that full length interviews should be posted to Google Video and should be embedded on the resources page for your project.)

Here is a suggested outline for your video.

45 seconds - You should narrate or record an introduction to your topic that explains it to a person who does not know what it is. (Use your voice, pictures, etc.)

**Middle Portion - Use excerpts of your interviews with excerpts as well as your voice over and other video to discuss the Bangladese and then the US perspective on your topic.

Last 15-30 seconds - A video of you with your summary of learning on your topic.

This is a suggestion. You may format it in any way you wish as long as you achieve the objective: to explain your topic and to present two world views of the topic and then a summary of your learning.

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