Monday, September 18, 2006

Comments from Montreal

A classroom in Montreal Canada has evaluated your wikis on Computer Safety and Privacy. You have been given very good feedback. (Look at the comment on "Great first week in computer science.)

Here, I'd like you to comment on how you think we can improve future wikis to be more helpful. Also, what do you think about the differing opinions? Do you think it reflects the different ways people learn or something else?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Great Week in Computer Science

We've had a great week in computer science. You've done wonders learning how to shoot, edit, and upload videos. We're ready to move ahead into the history of computing. I look forward to seeing what we learn and how we can educate others on the Internet with the videos, wikis, and blogs you produce.

Remember that the purpose for this blog is to blog our class notes. Each day, the "scribe" is to focus on getting good notes while the rest of us pariticpate and cooperate in the task at hand. We'll refine this process.

If you think anyone missed something on the notes, then make sure that you comment on their post and add the notes you feel are important.