Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Monday in the flat classroom: Dropload your video to Bangladesh

As you know, blogger was down yesterday here in class. Here is a recap of our assigned work:

1) You should dropload your video to Mrs. Lindsey for her project group immediately -- in the subject, state who the video is from, who it is to, and your group number and subject. Also explain the name and title of the person that you are interviewing. (See the resources section of the wiki for more detail on how to do this.)

2) Finalize your background - You have feedback from Mrs. Lindsey and I -- finalize the background information on the wiki. Some of you need to work on cutting out text. Others need to add more substance.

Remember, we never copy from a website and if we do we are: a) brief, and b) we cite and hyperlink to the source. This is about putting it in your words. You are the experts. You will become the experts. Trust and cultivate your ability to summarize things in layman's terms. We'll let you know if you get off base.

You are rapidly becoming experts. I am so proud of how hard you all worked this weekend. You are putting in effort and I know you have many other difficult classes. I knew I could count on you to be the best because you are and have always been your best for me. I am proud to be your teacher -- you make me look good! Keep on going, class!

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