Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Flat Classroom: Day 3 - Interview Plans, Work on Background

Today, we made plans for the video/ audio files that we need to shoot. We discussed the people that we would like to bring into class.

Tomorrow you must turn in:
  • The names of AT LEAST two people that you will interview concerning your flattener from the USA perspective.
  • At least four questions that you will ask each person. (You should also mark which one's concern education and which one's concern industry so that you can ensure that you will have sufficient footage to send your partner.)
    • I would suggest asking each person several industry and several education questions. For example, "What does this mean for the education system. What should they be teaching students?"
By Friday, you should have completed your background section. Your partners will finish on Sunday. You will have to prepare and dropload footage on Monday -- you may look on the resources page of the wiki for instructions.

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