Monday, November 27, 2006

Flat Classroom: Day 1

Great start to the flat classroom project. I am excited about your work thus far. Today, your assignment was to:

  1. Complete your introduction and paste it to the wiki (Remember that you are not to include full names, some of you need to re-record and repost!)
  2. Read about your flattener in your book, the World is Flat.
  3. Add your assigned partner to your skype contacts.
  4. Contact your assigned partner over e-mail.
I will be posting daily to this blog so that Mrs. Lindsey in Bangladesh will know what to expect from us. This links to our Westwood Wiki and I'll also link to our home page of the project as well.

Good luck! You'll make us proud. Also thought you'd like to see a copy of an e-mail sent to us by Thomas Friedman. He sent it to Julie Lindsey, my counterpart in Bangladesh, when she blogged about our project. He says:
Dear Julie,

I read your blog about the flat world classroom. I was delighted to see it! Tell me how it goes. Yes, this is really Tom Friedman. Allbest, Tom
Wow! I am convinced if each of you give your best, you will make a lifelong difference in yourself with this project as you learn about another culture and about the societal trends that are changing our world!

These dynamics have the potential to bring some of the greatest economic development impact that rural communities around the world have ever seen. It is vital that you understand them as you plan your future educational career and business career. As always, I'm here to be your guide!

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