Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Day 1: August 15

Using the Orientation Chapter we did the following:

  • Review on the CD: how to navigate through pages
Insert the CD. The book on CD will pop up. Remember to create a tracking location if it is your first time. For your tracking device you should save to the memory key. Some things are on the website and others are on the CD depending on the icon to the left of the word in the book.

  • Tracking device: save to memory key

  • We took the pre-assessment test to see what we know in this chapter. The study guide was printed out for us to use for the test.

  • We are teaching sections on 8/16: avoiding viruses, preventing intrusions, blocking spyware and pop-up ads, protecting e-commerce or transactions, avoiding e-mail scams, and protecting your privacy tomorrow.

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Vicki A. Davis said...

Good job. I have added a few things in. Remember that this is largely a how-to discussion for you to be able to get notes from home, so you want to put things on here that people might need.