Thursday, August 31, 2006

Spam, Security and Pop-Ups, Oh My!

People can access your computer and use your identity to make illegal transactions.
Many steps can be taken to keep this from happening.
NEVER click the “X” on a popup!
Instead, right click the menu bar and click “Close”
To create a secure internet environment, go to “Tools – Internet Options – Security.
Here, you can create security settings to one’s liking.
When buying online, always be sure that the URL contains “https” – this will almost always signify a secure internet connection.
Otherwise, a packet sniffer, a program used to find things such as a credit card number, will find and use your number.
Never publish specific information about yourself on the internet
Be careful when dealing with spam.
Some emails might look official yet they might have viruses encoded on them.
Still, spam can be used to be a harmless annoying object.
Always use spam blockers. - this is a very good way to identify spam - this site lists all rights you have for privacy over the internet - this is a site most widely used by people trying to find information about other people

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