Monday, August 21, 2006

Chapter 1

What is a computer?

  • Device that accepts input, processes data, stores data, and produces output
  • Input devices: keyboard, mouse, scanner, digital camera
  • Output devices: screens and printers
  • A computer uses disks, CDs, and DVDs to store data
  • A stored promgram means that a seires of instructions for a computing task can be loaded into a computer's memory
  • Computers are categorized based on criteria such as usage, cost, size, and capability

  • Roomba/Scooba-a robotic vaccumer cleaner

  • RFID=Radio Frequency Identifier
  • RFID tags can be attatched to any object to identify it using radio waves
  • Two kinds of RFID: Active and Passive

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Anonymous said...

Great example of the power of wikis to help students who may not be proficient at note-taking. Nice work!